Downloads of LARA program and R- scripts for statistical evaluation and plotting

LARA robotic process planning and designing tool

LARA is a free and open source (GPL) process  planning and designing tool that offers you the following features:

  1. Visually planning and documenting your complete robot process
  2. Hardware and device/brand independent application
  3. python based: high flexibility in the choose of platforms, but lean and with very high speed
  4. a simple plugin systems allows to quickly add modules to extend the functionality of the program
  5. code generators for many robotics platforms realizable
  6. freely available and open source

You can download a copy of the LARA Program here (please read the README and license file – use it on your own risk: we do not take any liability for any demage caused by the usage of our programs):


 Useful R scripts for evaluation

R scripts for plotting